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Rock Products

Rock for Driveways, Benches, Water Features & Retaining Walls

A. Wood Bulldozing Ltd has every rock product you need to start that landscaping project. We have pre-drilled rock for that backyard pond, large flat stones for stairways and stepping stones, and stacking, cubed rock for an all-natural looking retaining wall. Our own personal quarry allows us to get you the type of rock product you need, ensuring quality as well as quick delivery.

Driveway or Path Surfaces

Update the functionality of your property with a newly built stone driveway or path. We have many rock and stone products to suit your landscape requirements. Whether you want to building a driveway out of loose, clean, non-compactible rock or a smaller compactible rock mixture made with recycled asphalt or ground cement, A. Wood Bulldozing Ltd has you covered.

Decorative Rock

Decorative rock is available from A. Wood Bulldozing Ltd to help you personalize your landscaping design. We have pre-drilled rock for pond and water features like waterfalls and fountains. Stackable rocks can be formed into benches around your garden or pathway, making this both a decorative and practical investment by improving your outdoor living space. We have rock just for decorative garden features as well as rock for fire rings, stepping stones, stairways, and more. If you’re not sure how to incorporate decorative rock into your landscaping, we can provide examples from past projects .

Retaining Wall or Stacking Rock

A. Wood Bulldozing Ltd offers a more natural alternative to Allan Block retaining walls with our quarry products. You can use our rock to protect foreshore areas or to hold back landfills. Our retaining wall rock products are stable and affordable, ranging in sizes from 6 inches to over 36 inches.


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